Car Maintenance: How Exhaust System Cleaning Can Help Boost Engine Performance

December 5, 2017

If your financial situation is rocky this month, you probably think your vehicle's performance credentials aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Hit the brakes on that thought, for there's a way to boost engine performance without buying a new exhaust kit. We're talking about car maintenance for exhaust system cleaning, a procedure that purges hydrocarbon leftovers and other pipe-fused pollutants so that the exhaust gases produced by your car engine can move unimpeded.

Beware of Carbon Deposits

An underappreciated exhaust system has to deal with the same waste that it's removing from the discharge rushing out of the vehicle's pipe tips. Certainly, most of this gaseous load is catalysed, broken down until it's transformed into oxygen and nitrogen. However, the fuel is loaded with hydrocarbons, which means carbon particulates are also passengers in the exhaust stream. That sooty stuff, even in tiny quantities, tends to coat the inner surfaces of your pipework in ashy carbon.

Sparks Performance Problems

Car-heavy regions once blackened buildings in city centres. That blackening effect is now limited to the insides of your exhaust system. Wisps of water vapour escape the fumes when the cat pack does its work, at which point some of the ash becomes a black gunk. Meanwhile, engine backpressure is beginning to suffer due to the effects of the carbon coating. Gas flow is hamstrung, performance is attenuated, and fuel consumption figures are rising. If the outflow-hampering conditions inside the pipes are to be prevented, you need to clean the exhaust system.

The Affordable Performance Maximiser

While not quite free of expenditure, all that's needed to unchain a poorly maintained car is a cleaning agent that washes away the build-up. Of course, the pipes are hooked to the engine manifold, so this is a procedure that requires a commercial garage. However, if the setup under your vehicle chassis includes bolt-on parts, you can get in on the cleaning action. A bucket of soap and water is a good start here, but something slightly more aggressive should be part of the cleaning kit. A degreaser and a hard-bristled brush are likely candidates, but this degree of aggressive scrubbing is best left to the exhaust system expert.

Exhaust system cleaning boosts engine performance, which is a remarkable fact when you consider how expensive this enthusiast craft can become. Essentially, you're washing away the hydrocarbon leavings, the soot and gunk that's built up inside the pipes. Left to accumulate, that gunk hampers the release of your engine exhaust. Properly maintained, the carbon-purged pipes accelerate the gases, remove corrosion, and generally boost engine performance.

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