Suspension Overhaul: What and When Does Your Car Need It?

January 30, 2018

Nobody ever said that owning a car would be a stress-free obligation. Paramount to owning a car comes the responsibility of making sure that it is properly maintained. Here at Tempe Mechanical & Smash Repair, we understand that there are going to be times when you need a hand keeping your vehicle operating efficiently and safely. Thanks to our crew of qualified professionals, we are in a perfect position to make sure that you never have to watch your car fall apart due to neglect. Today, we are going to focus on suspension overhaul. You probably are aware of how important your suspension is, but when do you need to have it taken care of and why?

Symptoms of Suspension Problems

Your suspension system is probably one of the more important systems in your entire vehicle. No matter what kind of car you drive, you probably value the ability to smoothly accelerate and come to a stop. In fact, when your suspension is in need of an overhaul you can even have trouble controlling the entire vehicle. If you fear that you might need a suspension overhaul, read the following symptoms. If any of these match up with your problems, then consider booking an overhaul today.

  1. Rough Riding - When your shocks or struts start to wear out, your driving experience can become unbearable. You'll start feeling every single bump and crack in the road and your car will start to take a beating as a result.
  2. Loss of Control - When your suspension system starts to fail, you'll notice that your car starts to pull or drive while you are turning. This means that your shocks aren't keeping your car stable and on point.
  3. Uneven Tire Wear - When the tire tread on your four tires start to wear out unevenly, you can bet that your suspension system is starting to act up. Also, keep an eye out for balding spots. Uneven tire tread and balding tires can be symptomatic of suspension issues which causes your car to ride unevenly.

The Suspension Overhaul

Okay, so now that you know a few of the different problems that are symptomatic of suspension issues you can start addressing a potential solution. If your car has any of the problems listed above, you could definitely benefit from a suspension overhaul. Only, what is a suspension overhaul? Well, a suspension overhaul is exactly what it sounds like. Our talented mechanics will work through every aspect of your suspension system in order to make sure that your parts are in working order and safe on the road.

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