Transmission Repairs in Sydney: Why Your Car Transmission Should Never Be Taken for Granted

February 28, 2018

It’s true, automatic transmissions are easier to drive than manual car transmissions, yet automatic transmissions are more likely to develop problems because drivers take these for granted. While manual car transmissions do develop their own problems, there are specific things vehicle owners can do to protect their automatic transmission.

Being aware of common driving habits that can harm a car’s automatic transmission, vehicle owners can save money by preventing avoidable damage and transmission repairs.

Driving Habits to Avoid that Cause Unnecessary Car Transmission Repairs

A lack of maintenance, and the way people drive can harm a car’s transmission, are the main cause of transmission problems. In fact, there are few things that you should not do with an automatic transmission, here are some of them:

Neglect to change the fluid – your transmission needs fluid to function properly, clean fluid. Not following the automobile’s owner’s manuals advice, and not changing transmission fluid as needed, is a sure-fire way for it to overheat and breakdown. Not to mention that leaking oil from old seals and gaskets will begin to appear as well, since these are typically replaced when transmission fluid is changed.

Not maintaining the proper fluid levels – not changing transmission oil when it is needed is bad, but not maintaining proper fluid levels is guaranteed to ruin your transmission. This is because the proper amount of transmission fluid is needed to keep internal components well lubricated and cool, otherwise, transmissions will overheat and internal parts will cease to function.

Do not shift into park unless the car has come to a complete stop – while most automatic transmission will prevent you from shifting into park unless the vehicle has come to a complete stop, you should take care not to attempt to do it. If, for some reason, you are able to shift into park while the car has not come to a complete stop, serious damage can occur to the locking pin and the transmission will cease to function.

Never put your car in neutral to coast downhill – some people may think that by coasting downhill in neutral will save gas, but automatic transmissions are designed to save fuel, and they provide better control and breaking when in drive, which is important when traveling down hills. Also, shifting into drive while the car is in motion can harm the transmission and is not advised.

Even when following all of the above advice, there are times when a transmission needs to be repaired, and taking it to a licensed auto shop for transmission repairs in Sydney, such as Tempe Mechanical and Smash repairs (TMSR), is the best solution.

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